5 engagement experiences that brought people together virtually in 2020

2020 was a transformative year for people engagement. Here are 5 engagement experiences that had to pivot because of the pandemic that were able to connect partners, mobilise members, engage employees and bring people together virtually.

1. Leveraging Networking and Learning Opportunities for 20K Online Conference Participants

The International AIDS Conference is a scientific and medical gathering dedicated to advancements in HIV/AIDS treatment and research. Traditionally held as a physical event, the AIDS 2020 conference was transformed into virtual.

The International AIDS Society (IAS) partnered with us to pivot the event online and design, build, and run the whole show.

Our goal was to create an online experience that captured the unique energy of the Conference, which mixes medicine and advocacy. 

With our advice, IAS considered more than 130 digital platforms and found the most experiential one — offering no limits on attendee participation as well as robust sponsorship and branding opportunities. 

The agenda included live and pre-recorded sessions and presentations by leading scientists, health workers, policy specialists, community leaders, A-list celebrities, activists, government officials, and even members of the British royal family.

In addition to a plethora of virtual sessions and community networking opportunities, the event featured a Global Village and Youth Program that enabled participation by online audiences around the world.

2. Bringing Broadcast Quality Digital Experiences to Over 100,000 Agents and Customers Across Asia

To keep customers and agents engaged, Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA), a leading life insurer and asset manager in the region, launched a series of interactive digital training and seminar events. 

These events demonstrated Prudential’s commitment to enable their agents to continue to care for customers by acquiring new skills to operate in unique environments now and in the future. 

We worked together with Prudential to deliver the program from design to concept, including content creation.  

A broadcast centre was set up, through which speakers could be trained and utilise easy-to-use broadcast kits. 

Each event session was supported by a dedicated team to help participants navigate their virtual experience. We worked closely with Prudential to make the content more interactive and engaging, overcoming the lower attention span in the virtual space. 

Within 3 months of launching, Prudential succeeded in reaching 108,000 agents and customers through 30 sessions broadcasted in 10 countries.

3. Championing a New Global eCommunity

The Chartered Governance Institute (CGI), a Federation of 9 Divisions representing over 29,000 corporate governance professionals worldwide, wanted to stage an inaugural international conference, but needed the reassurance that the Conference would be financially viable. 

Our answer was a strategic approach to optimising the development of a managed online community to substantiate interest in a global Conference. 

We designed and developed the digital brand identity for the Institute, which encompassed the launch of a new global website, dedicated social media channels and in quick succession a global eCommunity.  

The result was a value-driven platform, where the community can engage in discussion forums, webinars, knowledge sharing, networking and find a central resource repository.   

Within this platform, the professional association found a valuable member recruitment tool and a way to grow its global membership base. 

In addition, this digital presence has become an important resource to build interest in the association’s conference and strengthen participation, by helping define relevant topics and subject matters through engagement analytics of key audiences.  

Thanks to the digital transformation strategy designed, CGI has seen a steady increase in membership as well as established themselves as the voice of the global community for corporate governance professionals.

4. Recognising Employees and Driving Sales with Hybrid Experiences

ARIIX, a global leader in network marketing and direct selling, was looking to create an awards ceremony and a sales-drive conference to reward over 500 representatives and deliver key messaging respectively.  

With the ever-changing guidelines and regulations around Covid-19, both events were produced in a hybrid form and broadcasted live from 3 studio hubs in Ireland, Italy and France. 

The entire production for the two hybrid events was managed out of Dublin with top-class entertainment, custom curated content, motion graphics and video inserts produced by the team to support the overall look and feel.  

Both the ARIIX Awards & ARIIX Live events needed to have a glitzy, high energy feel with outstanding production values.  

The team took a traditional ZOOM Webinar and transformed it into a live TV broadcast, making both an award show and sales-focused event an experience to remember.

5. Web-Based VR Application Ensures Project Continuity After Trade Fair Cancellation

Bosch Rexroth supports machinery and plant engineering efforts around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. At the Hanover Fair 2020, the engineering company was scheduled to present its entire product portfolio. 

When the Fair was cancelled, we worked together to transform the already programmed VR showcase into a WebGL version – a purely virtual, interactive web application.  

This way, the core elements of the exhibit could be maintained in the online space. Thanks to the browser-based product, users could still experience all the product’s features and benefits in a tangible and playful way.  

By shifting to digital, the experience became an integral part of a marketing campaign aimed to attract Rexroth’s key target audience.  

Click here and scroll down at the bottom of the page to experience first-hand the virtual “Factory of the Future”. 

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