Navigating Boards & Social Media: Expert Tips from Amy Burke at ASAE 2019

Navigating Boards & Social Media: Expert Tips from Amy Burke at ASAE 2019 | MCI UAE | EN

Social media can do wonders for associations. From attracting young professionals to increasing members retention, they are a fundamental resource for organisations to have in their toolbox.

In a recent survey, 84% of associations identified social media as a major driver of traffic to their website. Since association board members and volunteers are an extension of the association’s brand, they can play a critical role in driving traffic and increasing awareness of the organisation. They can use their platforms of influence to directly strengthen the association’s marketing and communications initiatives. So how is this done well on social media?

amy burke

Amy Burke, MCI USA’s VP of Member Engagement, recently presented at the ASAE Annual Conference to an overflowing room of attendees her tips and advice for board members to successfully navigate social media as brand ambassadors. Some topics covered include:

  • Up-to-date social media stats and facts
  • How associations use social media
  • How board members and volunteers can serve as an extension to the staff’s social media efforts and effectively become brand ambassadors
  • How to manage hot topics and/or controversial posts 

This short, quick-take presentation is filled with expert takeaways for board members, volunteers, and superfans. 

Take a watch below, and reach out to us with further questions or requests.


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