A Lesson in Resilience: Delivering Events in Times of Crisis

A Lesson in Resilience: Delivering Events in Times of Crisis | MCI UAE | EN

April, 23 2020

How do you bring an event to completion in times of hardship? When everything around you is changing fast, how do you stay grounded and committed? Our MCI team in China shows a lesson in resilience in this story of a product launch event turned hybrid amid the global pandemic. 

At the beginning of the year, when the centre of the global pandemic was moving from China to Europe, our MCI China team was working on a global launch event for a multinational technology company. The team already had to navigate and comply with the evolving health and government regulations on a daily basis, while also coordinating the production and travel requirements. Not to lose any precious time, the team quickly left China, taking up to 3 flights and entering a self-imposed quarantine upon arrival. 

When the pandemic hit Europe, the project team immediately launched an emergency mechanism and prepared a series of response measures to deal with the outbreak. The mantra of our team was to adapt to the new circumstances, while at the same time remaining true to the core values that guide our work: facing challenges to ensure our clients’ business continuity and minimise risk. 

Changes had to be made to the original plan according to the situation as well as customer needs. A week before the event, the client requested the destination to be changed - to then return to the original location the day after. These modifications are the norm, but they can test the ability of a team, especially when the surrounding context is so uncertain. While many could have played defence under the circumstances, the MCI China team reframed the volatility of the moment as an opportunity to give their absolute best. 

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Our China team hard at work behind the scenes

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Determined to deliver the event, the client and MCI team worked side by side to rethink and redesign the product launch. They encountered many difficulties, from a lack of personnel due to travel restrictions, to problems with suppliers, who could not provide services on-site. It was an intense all-in month, which resulted in the redesign of the event into a hybrid live and online event experience. Due to the changes in the format, every aspect of the event had to be reassessed, modified and negotiated to manage cancellation fees of those who could not attend. To design and test new technical requirements, MCI could rely on the long-term collaboration with an Audio-Visual partner, who understood the client’s expectations and ensured a seamless user experience for attendees. 

MCI China and the client brought this project to success thanks to a can-do attitude of quickly evaluating issues and managing changes, thus delivering a successfully executed hybrid event. 

Adaptability, resilience, and trust. These are the key areas of activity to keep leading and achieving business results amid these turbulent times. Contact us to learn how we can work together.

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