Bigger & Bolder: Duel in Dubai 2

Bigger & Bolder: Duel in Dubai 2 | MCI UAE | EN

MCI and the World Hepatitis Alliance, the global leader in hepatitis awareness and campaigning, create an inaugural Summit which exceeds expectation.

The Challenge

In 2014, MCI helped the organisers of Pinoy Pride to successfully deliver the Middle East’s first ever international title fight. After the unprecedented success of Duel in Dubai 1, the boxing fight series returned to Dubai in August 2015. 

Organisers ALA Promotions and ABS-CBN wanted Duel in Dubai 2 to be the event that served as the catalyst for the Pinoy Pride series to become a global boxing event.  At the same time, our creative team set to work on conceiving an engaging session to help attendees successfully respond to a hepatitis outbreak in their respective countries. 

MCI was brought on board once again to plan and produce a live event up to international standards that was bigger and bolder than last year’s - but on a similar budget.

The Solution

Leveraging local knowledge and experience organising the last successful event, MCI provided a range of event management solutions to help the organisers reach their goal.    

From sourcing and securing all relevant permits from local authorities, to ensuring compliance with local and international health and safety standards and managing ticket printing, ring centre logistics, onsite staffing and food and beverage, MCI was on hand to ensure that the organisers just needed to worry about the action taking place in the ring.

As a live telecast and successful media coverage were vital to ensuring that the event packed a punch globally, MCI worked hand in hand with the AV, broadcast and other production partners from the very first discussions right through until the delivery of the event to ensure seamless services throughout. 

From seating layout to lighting plans, sound and visual, the MCI team took the first event as a benchmark – and made sure to make the second event bigger, bolder and brighter! 

A comprehensive marketing strategy including press conference and printed promotional materials made sure that local sports fans were motivated to attend.

Lasting Results 

Thanks to careful planning, innovative thinking and impressive project management, MCI was able to execute just as planned and deliver the bigger and bolder event that the client had hoped for – on budget!


MCI helped the organisers to deliver a live sporting event of international show level and secure Duel in Dubai 3 in 2016.


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