Emirates Diabetes Society (EDS) goes Virtual

Emirates Diabetes Society (EDS) goes Virtual | MCI UAE | EN

In the era of a Global Pandemic, Emirates Diabetes Society along with MCI Middle East plans to go digital. EDS planned a yearlong of physical events prior to the Global Pandemic but unfortunately, these events were converted into a virtual event. The on-going calendar of EDS events will continue throughout 2020. EDS seeked MCI’s experience in the digital expertise to convert the physical events into digital events. MCI has executed successful EDS virtual event till date.


  • Emirates Diabetes Society (EDS) had launched a calendar of different activities for the year 2020
  • Due to the COVID 19 there was a need to move these activities from physical to virtual meeting
  • EDS in consultation with MCI revamped the entire calendar of activities and dates to address and cater to the members and local and regional HCPs  continuous medical educational needs.
  • The transition requires extensive to launch a communication strategy and realign content with the committees and international speakers
  • MCI had to ensure that the audience and sponsor reach and buy in was maintained which was crucial to the success of the event


  • A Complete virtual calendar of events
  • Aggressive Marketing Campaigns to promote the virtual activities
  • Speaker & Committee Training to familiarize with virtual delivery of events
  • Revised agenda per activity to cater to a wider audience
  • Sponsor buy-ins on various initiatives


"Dear Alex & MCI team, many thanks for the  excellent organization & smooth running of  our first EDS webinar right from rehearsal till  delivery.”

Dr. Fatheya Al Awadi (President of Emirates Diabetes Society)

“Thank you for your effort and organizing a  very good webinar – the content was very  useful.”

Dr. Mohammed Amsaib Delegate

“Thank you for the excellent work done in  organizing  the  webinar  and  bringing  it

together  along  with  the  international  speakers.”

Dr. Khalid Al Dahmani – Scientific  Head EDS



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