BD Director

BD Director | MCI Group | EN

  Job Description:

  • Oversee the planning and implementation of business plans for the penetration of new markets
  • Manage the sales and marketing functions of the business to maximize returns
  • Direct all customer relationship activities to ensure delivery of high quality service
  • Collaborate with BU Head to set business objectives and development goals
  • Set up meetings with customers to deliver sales pitches
  • Conduct market research to identify developments/changes in industry trends in order to make necessary adjustments
  • Establish strategic partnership with other companies to leverage on their network
  • Oversee the interviewing, recruitment, and training of business development personnel
  • Review current approach to business development and make changes where necessary
  • Ensure business processes and standards are in accordance with regulations and policies set by appropriate authorities
  • Conduct negotiations to determine contract terms and ensure profitable deals
  • Set and enforce customer service standards to ensure clients are satisfied with received services
  • Ensure division goals are in line with company growth strategy.


  • Education and Training: To become a business development director, you require at least a Bachelor’s degree and about 5-7 years of experience as a business development manager.
  • Relevant event industry experience preferred
  • Marketing Skill: Business development directors develop and implement action plans for increased product awareness and sales
  • Analytical Skill: They conduct research to identify and adjust to developments/trends in a target market
  • Leadership Quality: They are able to direct and coordinate the operations of a team to achieve set objectives.