Maximising ROI with Hybrid Events

Maximising ROI with Hybrid Events | MCI Danmark | DK

February, 25 2020

In a volatile, uncertain and complex world, the meetings and events industry can suffer from situations beyond our control. Hybrid events are a valuable alternative to a live event, providing the chance for enhanced data capture possibilities and more. 

We live in unpredictable times, in which political changes, environmental catastrophes and global health risks are affecting the ways we live and work. The current uncertainty and complexity are making organisations wonder how to navigate these moments successfully.

Because it requires people around the world travelling to gather in one location, the meetings and events industry is easily impacted by world events – suffering from delays, cancellations and uncertain outcomes. On the other hand, the highly digital and connected world we live in also gives us plenty of alternative solutions.  

Among them, investing in hybrid events can help salvage future events from potential losses and give event strategists new opportunities across key assets. 

One of these assets is definitely data analysis and reporting. Because of the inherent nature of events, measuring their ROI has always been one of the challenges of any live communications strategy. Thanks to hybrid events, organisers can rely on different data touchpoints to extract relevant metrics and identify actionable insights to maximise an event’s impact. 

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