Karriere | Vision


Our vision is to be the leading global advisor in the strategic engagement and activation of target audiences, working closely with senior decision-makers and influencers to unlock their organisation’s potential, power progress and drive global growth.

We recognise that our dedicated team is the key to achieving this vision and work hard to create a challenging, multicultural and respectful environment that enables our talents to build both professional and personal success.

Continually striving to be a ‘best company to work for,’ MCI is committed to building and nurturing a dynamic workforce which thrives on diversity and promotes development, entrepreneurship and fun. 

Whether working with or for MCI, our aim is for clients and employees to benefit from the richness of diversity, our systematic approach to growth and our ability to integrate work and life into one big adventure.

Painted Picture 2015

We believe that best way to ensure that our future happens is to create it, and MCI’s Painted Picture 2015 provides the blueprint for making our vision a reality.