Global Engagement Index 2016

A Guide to Global Engagement Strategies. Index results, engagement & relationship recommendations

The main reason for launching the Global Engagement Index was how little is understood about improving “engagement,” how little data exists on what is healthy engagement and what is not, and what precisely is needed to close the enthusiasm gap between customers/members and associations. 

MCI along with its partner FairControl (a German-based global market research firm), launched the Global Engagement Index to measure the performance, relationship strength and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of associations’ customers and members, allowing like-minded associations to benchmark their performance against that of 15 leading brands across multiple sectors.

Through an innovative crowd-funded model, the 15 participating associations have gained indepth data and feedback as to how their global community perceives their value, relevance and engagement efforts and where they stand comparative to the Index. In addition, we are able to produce a public report on the findings (Part 1) and a set of recommendations (Part 2).

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Global Engagement Index 2016