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Rose Ironside

Rose Ironside

As Deputy Managing Director of MCI Canada, Rose focuses on providing senior leadership for the overall company direction. Rose’s professional career spans 25+ years of substantial experience in strategic and operational leadership and organizational development within all aspects of the conference management industry. For 17 years Rose was the driving force in establishing, positioning, and directing the growth and development of Advance Group Conference Management prior to her current role with MCI Canada. 

Rose is highly energetic, analytical and positive in her approach, is a motivational and results driven leader who believes in establishing long-term winning strategies for the customer, the employee and MCI. Rose remains actively involved in the company's day to day progress and strongly believes in the strength of a team approach who are well prepared, flexible, focused and who consistently deliver and maintain a "can do attitude". 

Rose's expertise is augmented through her years of Convention Bureau, hotel experience, Board positions and memberships as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Marketing.

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