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Rob Stanbridge

Rob Stanbridge

Rob Stanbridge has over fifteen years’ experience in the live event and brand communications industry with expertise in creating engaging, interactive and innovative solutions.

Throughout his career Rob has worked as Head of Production, Head of Events and more recently heading up a Digital Event Technology department, looking at latest technology and innovation with a focus on how clients can integrate digital strategy and thinking into their live event experience. 

In recent years Rob has seen a real shift in the expectations of attendees at events. 

‘Event audiences are pushing for more interactivity from their event experience.  They want events that are agile and managed in real time according to their own feedback and that of their peers. In short, they don’t want your event, they want their own personal event experience. ‘

Rob has worked with a wide range of client across a number of leading public and corporate sector projects and campaigns including Road shows, Award Ceremonies, Conferences, AGMs and Product Launches. 

Rob has also delivered a range of digital events managing Virtual and Hybrid events, Live Webcast and Video linked events around the globe.

Rob is always ready to provide content development and consultancy to help deliver your experience.

Please contact Rob Stanbridge, Client Director at MCI UK Office, on rob.stanbridge@mci-group.com or phone 01730 821 969.

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