Interactive Simulation at the World Hepatitis Summit

MCI and the World Hepatitis Alliance, the global leader in hepatitis awareness and campaigning, create an inaugural Summit which exceeds expectation.

The Challenge

MCI was tasked with finding a creative way to help attendees learn how to form a national plan should an outbreak of hepatitis happen. 

Our PCO team provided seamless conference logistics, delegate management, and digital solutions, leaving the organisers free to concentrate on the all-important scientific content.  At the same time, our creative team set to work on conceiving an engaging session to help attendees successfully respond to a hepatitis outbreak in their respective countries.  

The team knew that engaging the audience through an immersive experience would be more effective than simply presenting facts and figures, and decided that the best approach would be to make the audience feel the emotion and pressures involved in dealing with a disease outbreak.

The Solution

Rather than relying on tried and tested methods, the team worked hard to place the audience directly into the scenario by creating an innovative simulation of a disease outbreak. For maximum impact, attendees were not informed in advance.   

At the start of the three-hour session, an unexpected live news report informed delegates of an outbreak. The 500 delegates were then split into groups and each person allocated a different character to play. It was then up to delegates react, engage with each other and respond appropriately, creating a national crisis plan for immediate implementation.

Mock news reports kept delegates up to date with the medical emergency, while live technology and gamification methods were used throughout to keep the action moving.

Lasting Results 

The first ever World Hepatitis Conference was recognised as a great success. With 500 delegates from 70 countries, including government representatives, policy makers, hepatitis patients, researchers and carers, coming together to strengthen the hepatitis community voice, raise the global profile of viral hepatitis and help countries develop national hepatitis action plans.

The simulation exercise was the first of its kind on such a scale and proved to be a great way of stimulating dialogue and generating valuable learning, content and debate. The conference, and in particular the mock disease outbreak, attracted widespread media coverage and helped the organisers raise hepatitis awareness both in the UK and internationally. The organisers were delighted with MCI’s creative solutions and will work with MCI on the 2nd World Hepatitis Conference.

Client Testimonial

“With your help, we were able to innovate at this event, with eye-catching audio-visuals and even a live simulation of a global hepatitis crisis. This was commented upon by many delegates as stimulating, thought-provoking and immersive, and it was a novel experience for many.”

Dr Nicola Steedman
Acting Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Scottish Government

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