Consumer Behaviour

Today’s proactive consumer craves an ever more personalised experience, and savvy brands are responding with a number of sophisticated strategies, from increasingly complex targeting to innovative mobile services.

Social media has become a strategic marketing priority, with winning brands effectively leveraging earned media to help consumers make decisions and using ‘mobile moments’ to engage consumers in the scroll of a page.  

A growing interest in responsible business practice has turned sustainability from a ‘nice-to-have’ into a business imperative. At the same time, the shared economy in which communities use social networks to rent, borrow, barter and share goods or services is helping people do more with less and driving a shift from ownership to access.

Sharing specialised knowledge and unique insights across 57 offices, our experts in consumer behaviour can help your brand turn these key trends into tomorrow’s strategic advantage. 

Tailoring our comprehensive solutions and consumer insights to your unique challenges, we can take your brand to the next level by meeting heightened consumer expectations, driving digital innovation, managing regulatory shifts and engaging and activating your target audiences.

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