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Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability

MCI’s HR, Sustainability and Health & Safety teams work hand-in-hand to create a safe and sustainable work environment which enables MCI talents to leave a positive legacy through their work.

A Culture of Care

People are at the heart of what we do, with our own Talents being at the core of this. It is for this reason that at MCI, we believe that a comprehensive sustainability programme for employees is a moral obligation for any employer. We also believe that our solid sustainability programme plays a key role in hiring and retaining the best talents to serve our clients.

Based on the principles of the triple bottom line – People, Planet, Profit - MCI’s vision is to build a sustainable business with a culture of care and responsibility, and to play its role in creating a sustainable planet, fair society and growing economy.

Each MCI office has a sustainability team responsible for engaging local talents around an annual sustainability plan that includes local office operations, talent well-being and community outreach programmes.

From nutrition and exercise initiatives to environmental and social community projects, MCI talents are given the time and support to enhance their well-being, add real value to the communities in which they serve and ultimately help  build a better world.

Find out more about our sustainability strategies, priorities and performance on our dedicated website

Our Approach to Health & Safety

We promote and manage a healthy and safe working environment for employees, partners and clients. To ensure the wellbeing of our talents, not only is each MCI office audited for health and safety on a regular basis, but we also have an internal programme created to guide a global team of MCI health & safety coordinators.

We have also developed both a basic and advanced level training for talents through MCI Institute, MCI’s in-house learning provider. With over a third of MCI talents having participated in our internal training programme, MCI is well on our way to achieving our goal of training all staff in basic health and safety issues. 

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