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Zara D'Souza

Office: MCI Bengaluru
Title: Project Executive

Which word best describes MCI for you and why?
While working for MCI, I have come across diverse groups of people from all over the world. In spite of their many differences, these people are all ambitious and driven, yet warm and friendly. It’s clear that everyone feels part of the MCI family, and I personally have always felt at home. ‘MAGIC’ is therefore what truly describes MCI, because that is exactly what happens when we all come together. 

Coolest thing that ever happened to you simply because you work at MCI?
MCI has introduced me to sustainable living. Our commitment to building a sustainable business with a culture of care and responsibility has not only inspired me professionally, it has also motivated me to make changes in my personal life. I take absolute pride in being the CSR champion of my local office and in being able to share my new passion and encourage those around me. 

What makes you proud to work for MCI?
Through our global reach and creative learning and development initiatives, MCI gives me real opportunities to grow and expand my horizons. 

MCI also encourages dreamers like me and gives us the time and space to fulfil our dreams, through unique initiatives such as MCI Dream Day. 

I can be who I choose to be here. This allows me to do what I love and love what I do!

Can you talk about a specific scenario that created an extraordinary career experience for you? 
The MCI India Kick Off 2014 was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences in my career. With a theme of ‘Unfold the Future’ Talents from all over the country came together to create an exhilarating experience and MCI thought leaders shared their vision and ideas to inspire us to achieve brilliance. 

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?
• Roadhouse Blues - The Doors (sometimes we just need to live and let life happen instead of chasing it down.)
• Somewhere over the rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo (Just because it’s beautiful…and that’s how life should be.)

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