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“The Power of Three” Whiskey, Wit and Wonder

The Challenge

In order to enhance  the brand awareness and usage consideration of Tullamore DEW, the challenge extended to Ovation was to create an Irish experience for a group of Swedish bar owners immersing them in Irish culture, while reigniting this classic Irish whiskey.  A whiskey that originated in 1829, Tullamore DEW owns a piece of Irish heritage, and Ovation were tasked with sharing this heritage and bringing it to life in a memorable way.  Our team’s challenge was to manage an experience for a group of 30 bar owners from Sweden, a country where alcohol promotion is limited. 

Unlocking Potential  

Within the Food & Beverage industry, new trends are frequently adopted.  It was Ovation’s objective to help refresh the brand’s usage, moving away from classic uses, and “Waking the Spirit” by solidifying an identity in the trending cocktail culture that’s growing within the beverage industry. 

Solutions & Results

Ovation designed an engaging experience for the 30 Swedish bar owners that captured both the delights of Dublin city and the terrain of Tullamore, “Bringing them home” to Tullamore Distillery.

Spending a night in the Capital, wining and dining in Dublin’s Creative Quarter, the group savoured some literature from a local poet before embarking on a trail of wonder.  The group took on a mapped route to a bar where a busker was conveniently performing along the way.  After some brief chat with the busker he coincidentally agreed to accompany the party.  On arrival at the bar, and having settled in, our busking actor broke out into a colluded performance with the live band!  Throughout the night, the Swedish audience indulged in stories of Modern Ireland, Irish whiskey and its evolution,  all complimented by Irish music.  Adding to the wonder and crowning the night, the in service bar staff even broke out into Irish dance. 

Continuing in the trifecta of W’s - whiskey, wit and wonder - the group transferred to Tullamore stopping off at Carton House for lunch.  Within the grandeur of the luncheon location the 30 tried their hand at GAA, experimenting in organised hurling and Gaelic football activities prior to the distillery visit.  Following this were tastings of whiskey and local foods, capped off by a visit to a local Tullamore bar.  The “Bringing them home” programme and the theme of the entire experience was a memorable immersion for the Swedes in both Irish culture and the Tullamore DEW story.  

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“We have used MCI Dublin for the last five years for all our events, group travel and distillery visits in Ireland.  We are very pleased with the personal service and professionalism that permeates everything”.

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