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Driving results with inspiring meetings, events, congresses and association management

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At MCI, we believe that when people come together, magic happens. That’s why we’ve been bringing people together through inspiring meetings, events, congresses and association management since 1987.

Most clients choose to outsource the full management of their meeting, event or congress to our teams, however we can also help with a specific aspect of your project – from providing the latest in AV and production solutions to helping you measure, and prove, the value of your event.
  • Creative Communication Services

    Put down the PowerPoint presentation! Our teams are on hand to turn your key messages into compelling stories that engage event attendees. We’ll help you create relevant, meaningful and powerful communications for your live experiences.

  • Community & Experience Management

    Organisations are made of individuals and they succeed not on the single action of those individuals, but on the quality of the community they create. A thriving community makes individuals more effective and goal-focused which drives results.

  • Digital & Analytics

    In this digital age, event attendees and delegates constantly have different needs, expectations and choices as technology adapts – they also want the same results when attending events and conferences.

Strategic Consulting

As well as delivering seamless events and logistic services, we also enable companies and associations to continuously improve their audiences engagement and activation strategies.

Our solutions help clients to build and grow their assets, engage relevant stakeholders, differentiate their brands, improve the performance of their events portfolio, enhance the impact of their key messages, and create results-driven experiences.

Discover our strategic consulting capabilities.


We work with clients across a range of industries, from healthcare and life sciences to ICT and sport. Find out more about our industry expertise here.

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