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Amy Lotz, CAE

Amy Lotz, CAE

Mail: amy.lotz@mci-group.com

Phone: +1 703-506-3260

Amy Lotz joined MCI USA (formerly Coulter) in 2002. She currently leads one of MCI USA’s newest clients, the Healthcare Convention and Exhibitors Association (HCEA) where she brings her ability to grow associations in key areas including membership, conference attendance and overall revenue.

For nearly a decade, Lotz has directed MCI USA’s longest-tenured consulting client, the Gies Foundation of the American Dental Education Association.  With this healthcare foundation, she helped to launch the Gies Awards, the pre-eminent recognition of exceptional contribution to and support of oral health and oral health education. For the past nine years, the Gies Awards continues to surpass expectations in number of nominations, attendance, and fundraising.

Lotz’s other roles with clients include service as the executive director of the Professional Development Consortium (PDC) and Association Foundation Group (AFG).  With both these associations she led the revamping of several key communications including the website and newsletter, as well as a relaunch of the annual conference which brought in a record-setting amount of sponsor revenue in their first years with MCI USA. Lotz also served as the executive vice president for the Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) where she was integrally involved with the growth and development of several pinnacle programs and activities, including the Gracie Awards, student initiatives and scholarships, and public service campaigns.

Lotz's nonprofit management expertise stems from her seven years with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, where she served as the senior manager of membership and board relations and was integral in the launch of a new institutional membership model. Lotz also served as director of membership for AIDS Action, a nonprofit advocacy group.  She also makes time for volunteer service as a board member of the JDRF Greater Chesapeake and Potomac Chapter as well as committee chair for the VA walk. 

Lotz, her husband, George, and their son, Jack, reside in Reston, Virginia.

Amy’s areas of expertise:

  • Segmented membership marketing initiatives
  • Corporate fundraising and business development
  • Board and committee strategic development
  • Transition management
  • High-profile events

Now, here's the backstory on Amy…

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

First car: 1993 Nissan Sentra (drove it for 16 years)

Superhero power I wish I had: Fly (I would no longer have to sit in DC-area traffic)

Television show or movie most resembles my current life: I wish it was Glee so people would break out into song and dance anywhere. Can you imagine what staff meetings might look like?

Favorite guilty pleasure: Watching reruns of any Aaron Spelling TV show

What I do on my “free” time: Throwing a baseball with my ten-year old, working out and “liking” pictures of my friends’ kids on Facebook

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I would go…: Alaska

Advice I would give my “younger self”: Enjoy the moment as it doesn’t last long. 

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