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MCI USA Sees Bright Future for Startup Organizations

There is a lot of excitement and opportunity when working with startup organizations, and MCI USA is helping two new groups chart their course for bright futures. Exis Global Tenant Representation and the PTAB Bar Association have both recently engaged MCI USA during this critical time as they transform their new organizational vision into reality.

Exis is a for-profit global commercial real estate trade group committed exclusively to representing tenants and end users. Founded by sixteen of the world’s most respected, independent brokerage firms, this worldwide collaborative was established to affect positive change in the commercial real estate industry and to provide corporate real estate decision-makers a better solution for their global real estate needs.  Exis firms work collaboratively to deliver strategic consulting and pragmatic solutions to clients, whether they are looking to expand locally or globally. Since partnering in July, MCI USA has helped establish an internal communication network for members to easily collaborate, share resources and business leads; facilitated a global strategic planning exercise to solidify goals, objectives and priorities for the next two years; and developed a brand awareness strategy to increase the impact of the organization and member firms. 

MCI USA is also providing consulting services to the PTAB Bar Association, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and promoting the highest professional and ethical standards among lawyers and stakeholders who appear before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) of the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The PTAB Bar Association is a forum for legal, government and industry professionals who appear before the PTAB to help understand, communicate, educate and drive policy. With its official launch on September 1, the association is more than 650 members strong. MCI USA is working with PTAB Bar Association to launch its inaugural conference in March and establish best practices and procedures around its committees, products, and services.

“As startup organizations, Exis and PTAB Bar Association offer tremendous levels of energy, innovation and creative thinking,” commented Kate O’Donnell, VP of MarCom & Brand Strategy and lead for MCI USA Strategic Consulting. “MCI USA is excited to apply our strategic and managerial expertise to their market knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to ensure the success of these high-potential organizations.”   


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