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MCI Delivers Global Innovation in 2013

Geneva, Switzerland – 28th May 2013

MCI announces strong financial results for business year ending December 31st 2012.

  • MCI’s gross margin continued to improve in 2012, reaching 106 million euros. A 14% increase compared to 2011, it represents an almost even spilt across Corporate and Institutional clients and is attributed to global acquisitions (12%) and organic growth (2%).
  • Business operated by MCI offices outside of Europe will count for more than 37% of the total gross margin in 2013. In 2013 organic growth is predicted to be over 9% globally. A second round of external financial was completed this last May 2013 with EDRIP (Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners) bringing the total ownership by financial investors to approximately 20%.

Driving dialogue that shapes the industry to bring you the latest innovations

  • Sebastien Tondeur, MCI’s CEO, was recognised in April as among the top 300 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Switzerland by Swiss business publication, Bilan.
  • MCI Sustainability Services provided strategic consulting for Danish Sustainable EU Presidency to advance sustainable event management, strengthening Copenhagen’s lead as ‘Capital of Sustainable Meetings’ and Denmark’s position as a ‘first choice’ sustainable meetings destination.

Giving you access to our growing network of expert knowledge

  • Named Best Business Events Company in Asia by CEI magazine, MCI celebrates a 75 per cent increase in its business across Asia-Pacific in the past year.
  • Recent expansion means MCI now offers technical production expertise in Japan and Morocco.
  • MCI has boosted creative resources in Hong Kong and Australia to bring your projects the latest cross-platform, cross-media and interactive design.
  • MCI’s new office in Hyderabad leverages the growth in this strategic city for international conference business.

Bringing you new ways to manage and measure your events to improve return on investment

  • Strategic Meetings Management enables the efficient management of your entire event portfolio promoting transparency, minimising risk and improving return on investment.
  • Marketing and Events Performance Measurement benchmarks, measures and analyzes the effectiveness of your live communication to improve return on investment and objectives.

Delivering the highest standards of operational intelligence globally

  • Clients can be assured MCI talents are trained to the highest industry standards. In 2013 MCI is putting candidates through Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) and Destination Management Certified Professional (DMCP) certifications as well as ASAE’s Certificate Programme in Association Management (CPAM).
  • Our soon-to-be released 2013 Sustainability Report documents our sustainable and transparent working processes adhering to GRI Reporting guidelines and the UN Global Compact principles.

Rachael Addley
Group PR & Communications Manager
MCI HQ | Geneva
Phone: +41 22 3399549

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