WEBINAR: Relevant Best Practices for Forward Thinking Events

WEBINAR: Relevant Best Practices for Forward Thinking Events

Staying relevant to your audience through your events is pivotal to business success.

Did you know your event producers are actually superheroes disguised as consultants?

It may be a hard sell, but producing relevant, successful events across industries calls for profound attention, knowledge and skill to address a vast array of diverse details including:

  • Appealing to and captivating cross-generational attendees
  • Meeting ethics, governance and compliance standards
  • Fulfilling dietary restrictions
  • Showcasing innovations and trends
  • Practicing sustainability
  • Developing interactive, relevant and engaging content
  • Infusing brand attributes and values
  • Staying within budget constraints
  • Applying adult learning principles for content retention
  • Marketing for increased attendance
  • And more!

Agnes Canonica

Agnes Canonica, Global Accounts Director, gives an overview of best practices that will elevate your events, and which are applicable across all industry sectors.


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