Event Formats on the Corporate Horizon: 2019

Event Formats on the Corporate Horizon: 2019

Calendar icon November, 13 2018

It's almost time to say goodbye to 2018...

And what a year it's been for the event industry. If we look back, we can see that there has been continuous movement forward towards bigger, better, and yet, more sustainable events. New destinations are joining the fray and experiences are becoming more holistic and robust. And that's great! Event planners and managers know how important event experiences are. They ask themselves the questions:

"What value does the event give back to society and to attendees who invest their precious time? Who are the attendees... how can I personalise to their needs?"

Going into 2019, we can expect to see the following event formats emerge based on what we've seen thrive in 2018. 

Festival Event Formats

Festivals have intrigued and wowed the youth for years now. Of course, most have been dance music themes, but there is much we can learn about the hype surrounding them. That hype can be translated into a corporate event with a festival twist.

At the end of the day, attendees are investing their time to attend these events for a reason, whether it be to be wowed, to learn or to network.

Why not give them a taste of all? And don't worry, while festivals have had a bad rep for being unsustainable, with a bit of extra work they can be better.

Mindfulness and Wellness-Focused Events

Attendees have been paying more attention to their own mindfulness and mental wellness as of late, with the topic of emotional intelligence being a popular one.

It makes sense that they would expect it to be a more prominent feature at the events they attend. Perhaps, even, as the leading focus, weaved into every aspect of the event from the design to the coffee breaks.

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City-wide Exploration Playgrounds

Whoever said play is only for children sucked all the magic out of our world...

But in all seriousness, we should all embrace our inner child, and city-wise exploration playground style events can help us do so. Play is not a bad thing. Having fun is energising and stimulates creative thinking. Playing across the city enables attendees to step outside the box. One learns a lot more exploring than what they would simply sitting in a room listening to someone speak.

One thing is for certain, it's no longer about following a traditional event format. Of course, this is not a list set in stone, and we may see more emerge as we head into the new year.

Interested in discovering more about emerging event formats into 2019? MCI can help you achieve your goals.

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