Meeting Design Evolution - A New Framework for Events

One might ask why, with the plethora of options already available, one should bother to think about another new meeting design?

Event Design is constantly evolving, and participants are starting to expect a lot more from the design of an event.

There needs to be a synergy between all event design elements.

Coming directly from MCI's finest, here are some insights into what participants are expecting:


We live in a world filled to the brim with content, and often times we end up overwhelming audiences. This makes relevancy key. Participants pay more attention to what they are directly interested in. If the content or style doesn’t suit their needs, their engagement drops and you lose them.

Prior to designing an event for them, invest time to understand their world, their interests, and their needs.  

Bite-sized Content

Don’t sacrifice depth and knowledge, but rethink how you present your content. ‘Mobile’ has risen and people consume content on the go more often than not. It’s a fast-paced world. Audiences are getting used to small doses of short-form content.

Create easier to grasp, visually appealing and moving imagery to have a long-lasting positive effect.

Shareable Experiences

Do we live life vicariously through others? Possibly. Look at Instagram, a popular platform for sharing exciting experiences and creating a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). To keep up with this, events need to be entertaining enough for participants to want to share the experience with their audiences.

So, make event elements tantalising. That way, audiences won’t have a choice but to share through their social feeds.


The more traditional idea that business comes before pleasure is slowly shifting towards a modern approach where theory works hand in hand with play.

Weave storytelling and gamification into your event to create a more engaging time.


Networking is paramount to getting ahead of the game. Young aspiring leaders and leaders who have been in the game for years use networking as their way to share knowledge, gain new partnerships and earn potential business agreements.

Make it easy for all sorts to connect and network, introvert and extrovert alike. Perhaps plan group activities to help them break the ice and start working together.

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