Conference of the Future

Conference of the Future

What will events look like in 2030?


Congresses, conferences and corporate events have undergone massive transformations.
But change has never been so fast as today.

The digitally savvy generations X, Y and Z will soon form the majority of event attendees.
They have quite different expectations when it comes to professional events, to knowledge exchange, learning, sharing and networking.
Rigidly scheduled sessions and static industry exhibitions aren’t likely to get these audience fired up.
The format where one person speaks and everyone else listens, neatly separated by coffee breaks and narrowly defined exhibition or networking opportunities will disappear.

Digitalisation is extending the width and depth of the conferences as a platform for dialogue, learning, networking and exchange.
It enables participants to be interactive, to contribute and to engage with others before, during and after the event. This is not only true for attendees but also for sponsors and exhibitors. New spatial concepts, innovative programme structures, sustainability principles and health concepts further contribute the in person and digital experience. All these developments and changes mean that the emotional aspect of an event takes on increasing significance. Content now must generate positive sensations as an experience and become central and core to the design of an event.

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