The European Commission launched DiscoverEU in the summer of 2018, a new EU initiative based on a proposal from the European Parliament. It offers 18-year-olds a travel experience that will enable them to take advantage of the freedom of movement in the European Union, discover the diversity of European regions, enjoy its cultural richness, connect with people from all over the continent and ultimately discover themselves.  

DG EAC, in charge of the execution of DiscoverEU, reached out to MCI Brussels in order to find a contractor who could deliver the customer support and delivery of tickets to each individual. MCI Brussels took on the challenge to reach out to each awarded applicant, verify their identity, register their travel booking and ensure the delivery of the travel tickets and put in place a support channel. 

In 2018, 15 000 young Europeans were able to travel with the initiative. In the first half of 2019, another 14 500 youngsters, and in the second half another 20 000. 

MCI Brussels implemented technological solutions, and created the DiscoverEU Travel Team, a flexible-working support team. The combination of technology, automation and a great support team resulted in a successful delivery of handling a mass amount of registrations and travel bookings in a 3-month period. Since the launch in 2018, MCI Brussels had been contracted to continue its services until 2021.

The DiscoverEU Travel Team works in 6 languages, for citizens of each EU Member State. 

Awarded EU citizens experience a quick and user-friendly journey. MCI Brussels has been able to implement a process which allowed to successfully handle 30 000 conversations, over 15 000 registrations in 3 months time. The DiscoverEU Travel Team received a 94% "Great" happiness score, and the European Ombudsman has awarded DG EAC with the #EO award of Excellence in Citizen-Focused Services Delivery for 2019.