Attracting Global Press Coverage With Experiential Production

Attracting Global Press Coverage with Experiential Production | MCI Canada | EN

Chaplin’s World by Grévin was looking for a partner to produce and organise the pre-opening event of Chaplin’s World, an ambitious, large-scale interactive museum dedicated to Charlie Chaplin and his life’s work. With 1 850 m² museum grounds encompassing the Manoirde Ban and a Hollywood-style studio, the participants needed to easily circulate from one location to the other while remaining completely immersed in the renowned humoristic and cinematic world of Charlot

The organisation turned to MCI’s expertise in cultural event production and brand experience to address the challenges of creating a high-level experience for attendees, providing seamless logistics and smoothly manage invitations while ensuring significant media coverage. MCI Geneva delivered a high-energy experiential style production, which led to incredible feedback from partners and visitors alike.