Out-Of-The-Box Thinking for Raising Congress Revenues

Out Of The Box Thinking for Raising Congress Revenues | MCI Canada | EN

The contract of the Brazilian Spine Society (SBC) with MCI Brazil for the organisation of the 2017 Congress of the Column of the Brazilian Society, was signed just before the beginning of 2015, the year when a major crisis shook the Brazilian economy. A contract clause designed to bring MCI quite a substantial financial return before the crisis, became the biggest nightmare at that time for both the MCI team and the association’s board.

Many companies that had been counted upon as registrants and sponsors of the previous congress retracted their usual participation and investment. The solution offered was to harness a revenue resource that cost very little for its ROI: digital outreach. Subsequently, the outreach for registrations and sponsors was more aggressive than ever before, pushed almost entirely through email and social media.

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