Inspiring Audiences With a World-Class Event

Inspiring Audiences With a World-Class Event - MCI EN-CA - /en-ca/work/global/inspiring-audiences-with-a-world-class-event

For the first time in its history, the World Archery Field Championships took place in Ireland. In order to stage a world-class competition, Archery Ireland needed to ensure that all aspects of the event would be handled seamlessly and professionally.

This included organising a complex qualification process on a difficult terrain, to creating the facilities that would allow for the event to be streamed live online to a global audience. The organisation was looking for a partner that could not only deliver operational excellence, but could also raise its profile, while working under hard-budget constraints. MCI Dublin leveraged its global expertise and local connections working closely with suppliers, hotels, airport authorities and the local town to produce a sporting event of the highest standards.

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