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June, 16 2021

5 digital strategies to boost audience engagement with your brand’s social media and hybrid events.

Are you looking to increase your brand engagement? It is estimated we see upwards of 4,000 advertisements daily. So, what stood out to you today? Cast your mind back to the last time you stopped scrolling and pulled somebody to one side to show them what you found. What was it that made you bother?

Fortune, and followers, favour the bold.

Our lives have become digital. Our interactions, virtual. The possibilities in our digital landscape are endless, and there are fundamental tools you can use to maximise exposure and create meaningful connections with your audience. Cutting through the noise can be tough. But making brands heard doesn’t always have to rely on shouting the loudest. Here are 5 approaches that can help you set up shop in your audience’s minds.

Throw one ball

In the digital world, things move fast. It’s no secret that, since the emergence of social media, audience’s attention spans are fleeting. And valuable.

Here’s a mantra in communication strategy. If you throw somebody a ball, there’s a good chance that they will catch it. Throw them two or more balls, chances are that they won’t catch any of them.  When approaching your digital strategy, it pays to keep it as single-minded as possible.


Walk the other way

As John Hegarty’s 1982 Levi’s campaign famously instructed – “when the world zigs, zag."

When something is out of place, people take notice. Good.

Communicating your message is easier when you have somebody’s attention, or better yet, their intrigue. Disruption is just as important in the digital world as it is out in the real world. Take these popular social platforms:   

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Each of these digital spaces are packed with their own distinctive sets of expectations because users, influencers, brands, and organisations tend to use them in similar ways.

Stop. Spin around. Walk the other way.

Strategically, it can feel strange to take your brand in a direction that it hasn’t been yet, or into an area that it perhaps shouldn’t be. But when developing your comms, it is vital to bear in mind how they are seen and what is going to grab their attention.

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Knock, and keep knocking

Unlike offline marketing, a major upside to digital marketing is the fact that you can be in your audience’s pocket. When it comes to building and keeping relationships with audiences, showing them that you’re still there is paramount; and this is where content and information will be the keys to keeping the focus aimed in your direction.

Take, for example, if you were leading up to an event. A smart plan would be to devise a robust digital communications strategy in the lead up to the event, headed up by email marketing and social media.

KISS (keep it super simple)

Digital technology lets you showcase your purpose in exciting and impactful ways, but user-friendliness is just as crucial as the content itself. Whether it’s access to vital information on your site or interacting with content at your events, your audience want to put as little work in as possible.

A solid digital strategy from the start is crucial for every touchpoint throughout your communications. For your audience to have meaningful interactions with your event, website, and social media, making things simple should stay at the heart of it all.

Tell stories

The power of storytelling - limitless. Bringing them to life digitally - priceless.

We are told lessons, ideas, and concepts through stories. After all, information is retained so much better through feeling and experience. Finding ways to create two-way engagement will make for a richer experience for both you and your audience.

Digital solutions help create meaning, and the experiences created for your audience can be the difference between the details being forgotten and unforgettable. If you are hosting an event, digital technology can:

  • Bring crucial statistics to life
  • Create worlds within headsets
  • Transport conference spaces anywhere in (or out of) this world 

Using digital technology as a storytelling device invites your audience into your world and allows them to explore, interact and learn about your mission.

We can make it happen

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Charles Furborough

Charles Furborough
Charles Furborough

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