Generation Y: Should They Shape Your Event Content?

Should They Shape Your Event Content | MCI United Kingdom | EN

Many describe them as entitled or call them snowflakes. Toss those descriptions aside, Generation Y are better described as one of the most economically influential demographic groups today.

You are probably asking yourself; ‘Okay but, why would I let them shape my event content, why fix what ain’t broke, and I reach my targets without even doing so already‘.

Well, if you did, you’d be attracting and reaching a much larger audience than you are now. And one made up of aspiring and rising influencers.

Generation Y: A ‘force’ to be reckoned with

Generation Y, also known as Echo Boomers or Millennials, are the largest generation group since the Baby Boomers (overtaking them in 2017). They are a racially and ethically diverse group, sophisticated with technology and immune to many traditional marketing tactics. They’ve grown up to be conscious about the world around them and are very keen on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

They are also rising in numbers in higher positions, predicted to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025.

Considering the stats, they are the generation you will eventually be primarily targeting for your event.

Research indicates that 73% of millennials feel attending a live event is a form of expression, this is versus 43% of other generations. Furthermore, 75% see participating in a live event creates more of an impact when compared to taking action online. Rewind back to: corporate social responsibility.

It is clear that they are interested in meaningful and inspiring events, not only what they are stereotyped to attend.

You need to consider your content from a generational perspective

Like many things in life, events shouldn’t be a one size fits all.

It’s a known fact that understanding your target audience is best practice. Instead of only focusing on whether they are health professionals or industry leaders, go one step deeper and view them from a generational perspective. What would a Generation Y group of health professionals want from an event when compared to Generation X?

One thing is for sure, not only does Generation Y appreciate experiences, they crave co-creation. They want to be involved in the event from start to finish. They are ready to shape your content, you only need to ask! 

So, will you let generation Y shape your event content? It’s time to be progressive in your approach. Better late than never to start.

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