Building Brand Fans through Digital Events

Building Brand Fans through Digital Events | MCI United Kingdom | EN

Designing and delivering effective hybrid events to achieve results requires one key element to ensure success – Attendee Engagement.

At MCI, we’ve helped many clients to experience this first-hand. With over a decade’s experience designing and delivering hybrid events, we’ve seen many who have focused on technology first before defining strategy. Yet the differentiator that creates a far greater impact and brings your brand message and the value proposition to life is the strategic design and UX of your virtual or hybrid event. 

Combining expertise in human behaviour, neuroscience and adult learning principles, our  proprietary methodology called D.I.V.E.© by MCI helps clients unlock creativity and new ways of thinking when designing hybrid and virtual experiences to drive audience engagement and brand loyalty.

Join Laurence Julliard, Strategic Engagement Director at MCI, Avinash Chandarana, Global Learning and Development Director at MCI and Simon Tomei, Account & Production Manager at Dorier Group for tips and insights on how to create immersive virtual and hybrid experiences.

The webinar was performed for the InformaTech internal audience and highlighted the following insights: 

  • Attendee engagement goes beyond great content & speakers. It requires experience design and staging to provide an interactive and immersive experience. 

  • At the core of a virtual event are customer & stakeholder journeys. Technology is just an enabler and should come last.

  • It is critical to rethink and transform the way companies are engaging with their audiences and key stakeholders in a virtual world.

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