Helping to build a wave of change

One of the world’s largest surfing and lifestyle brands, Quiksilver, approached us to design and create an immersive sustainable installation to make waves


One of the world’s largest surfing and lifestyle brands, Quiksilver, approached us to design, produce and install a sustainable brand activation for high profile events. The concept of the installation was to align to and highlight Quiksilver’s commitment to reducing plastic pollution in the world’s oceans through their recycled fibre sportswear and products.




In an active and ongoing effort to raise awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans, we developed the concept of a life-size, barrelling wave made out of recycled plastic bottles. Using 7 cubic metres worth of plastic this eye-catching installation had a two-fold purpose; to promote Quiksilver’s new product and to act as an educational piece. All of the plastic used to create the stand makes up only a tiny fraction of the plastic waste floating in the oceans and waterways across the world.


Inside the wave sat a real integrated Quiksilver surfboard, ready for participants to ride the wave of sustainability! Quiksilver launched a social media competition and encouraged people to have their photo taken in the wave to win a pair of the recycled fibre board shorts. The sustainable installation made its first headline at Boardmasters Festival with over 50,000 festival goers, before travelling on to other high-profile events like the Quiksilver Pro France – Europe’s largest professional surfing event with a global audience.

Quiksilver Boardmasters activation



  • 50,000+ festival goers at Boardmasters
  • 134,638 social media interactions
  • +3 million social media reach
  • 124,992 social media likes
  • +260 million plastic bottles recycled by Quiksilver
  • Increased brand awareness around sustainability campaign across global music and surf festivals