Educating an Online Community of 30,000 International Members with a Marketing Campaign

Educating an Online Community of 30,000 International Members with a Marketing Campaign | MCI United Kingdom | EN


With over 30,000 international members in nine different locations, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators needs to obtain consent from its members before it makes any changes to its Charter and byelaws – in this instance ICSA would like to introduce a new class of membership and new designation to attract a younger demographic to its membership.

A six-month comprehensive Communication and Marketing campaign needed to be tailored to nine Divisional memberships across the world, as each has unique communication channels and methods. Some Divisions do not use digital communication to talk to their members so MCI was tasked to find a solution that would educate and create awareness before the vote at the Annual General Meeting.


To deliver an effective and smooth communication strategy for all 30,000 international members, MCI UK implemented a comprehensive communications audit with each Division and established good working relationships. Following this, the dedicated team created a toolkit, held on the ICSA Global site, which contained bespoke emails, social media posts, PowerPoint slides for Town Hall meetings, adverts for print, as well as digital assets such as banners and signatures. Moreover, an insightful video featuring member’s reasons in favor of the vote was created to raise awareness about the importance of the vote and its impact on the association’s future.


  • 30,000 international members
  • 91.44% votes in favour of the new designation
  • 82.66% votes in favour of the new class of member
  • 1 Association Excellence Award for the Best Association Partnership/Collaboration 
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