Nurturing New Connections With Digital

Nurturing New Connections With Digital | MCI United Kingdom | EN

World Hepatitis Summit – World Health Organisation (WHO), Scottish Government and the World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA)


The global, invitation-only, 3-day Summit unites a wide audience to:

  • raise awareness about viral hepatitis
  • increase the number of countries developing practicable viral hepatitis action plans by sharing the latest public health research from WHO
  • encourage further research into hepatitis

MCI UK were brought in to introduce new logistical elements to maximise networking opportunities.



To strengthen the Summit, MCI UK introduced a large exhibition area to facilitate meaningful networking between exhibitors and attendees. An optimised, WHS branded, mobile application was developed so that attendees could access sessions and speaker information, and plan their agenda. It also encouraged 7,000 interactions between attendees through an in-built chat feature. MCI UK maximised its industry connections and called on MCI São Paulo to break down any language barriers and assist with local transport knowledge.


  • 900 attendees
  • 101 workshop groups
  • 220 more attendees compared to 2015
  • 32.5 app sessions created
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