SAP at Sibos - Making a stand for the experience economy

SAP, the software solutions corporation, wanted to maximise their presence at the 2019 Sibos event and improve on their exhibition stand from previous years. Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event organised by SWIFT. The 2019 annual conference and exhibition in London was the biggest to date and connected more than 11,500 executives, decision makers and thought leaders from across the industry.

With their key target audience in attendance, it was crucial to design a unique brand experience: one that brought to life the SAP business model, showcase the innovative technology in an engaging visitor-centric manner and differentiate SAP from the other 212 exhibitors.

  • The exhibition booth strategy, design and production had to:
  • Demonstrate and showcase SAP technology and solutions in an integrated way onsite
  • Differentiate SAP from competitors by applying industry best practises and technical innovations
  • Increase demand generation through 1:1 meeting with customers to accelerate the marketing pipeline and Share of Voice
  • Connect the Sibos visitors with the relevant SAP experts using social events



Our team was able to leverage all the insight and experience gained from working with SAP as a preferred supplier since 2009.

Our 147 activations and events delivered at Sibos also provided a deep understanding of the scope and opportunity that the annual exhibition offers.


Understanding the audience journey is key to designing any experience. We used empathetic insights to segment audience profiles and align them with the booth design and visitor journey to drive meaningful engagement and conversion.

The stand design needed to engage and interact with visitors in unique and smart ways and bring SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise Framework to life in this live environment.

We focused on 2 elements around the stand design experience:

Seamless connectivity which demonstrates SAP’s integrated intelligent solution – The stand design would need to curate an experience that connects the journey of the various visitor types in a simple yet impactful manner on the stand.

The solution – designing an Intelligent Coffee Experience at the centre of the stand to bring the SAP business model to life in a visitor-centric way. The on-brand aesthetic was of a contemporary coffee shop with a strong focus on the sustainable materials used, to evoke a warm, welcoming and minimalist environment. Details were built with purpose and had a function in the brand narrative.

SAP Sibos stand


The backdrop to the Coffee Showcase was an info-graphic outlining the experience ecosystem and showing how the SAP integrated applications, intelligent technology solutions, and digital platform apply to different areas and stages.

Around the Coffee experience were built interactive demo areas to allow visitors to have a hands-on understanding of the SAP technology.

SAP Sibos concept

Superior customer experiences were created by personalising the visitor journey on the stand and closing the gap of expectations with relevant interactive showcases and expert-led conversations.

A mixture of informal and formal meeting rooms and hotspots meant the client team were able to engage easily with ad-hoc visitors and host scheduled 1-to-1 discussions in the most conducive settings. Integrated smart screens and surface technology allowed for a sleek user experience for both SAP representatives and visitors during demonstrations.

SAP Sibos stand


The two networking and hospitality events; a reception and Oktoberfest-themed event, created a fun, immersive and relaxed environment within the same stand space. The stand had to be quickly adapted and evolve into these enhanced networking areas, allowing clients and customers to build those quality relationships.

Through a deep understanding of SAP’s requirements and objectives, we collaborated with our client to produce a booth designed around the holistic visitor experience with technology, sustainability and audience engagement at the heart of it.


  • Record Sibos attendance to date
  • 6-day stand build
  • SAP’s business model came to life through intelligent and smart experiences
  • Entire design was around sustainability: branded keepsake coffee cups, reusable materials to reduce carbon footprint – all materials were recycled or reused
  • Stand size: 120 square meters
  • Final design fully realised SAP’s brand guidelines and showed consistency by being completely on brief

Watch the highlights video below



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