Innovative Programme Design Drives Attendance

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Leading From The Middle Conference – GE Capital


GE Capital had ambitions to build the concept of their Leading from the Middle Conference into an annual event and position themselves as a thought leader in a specific market.



MCI created a focus group made up of client and MCI team members to evaluate every aspect of the previous programmes. They disregarded what didn’t work and then created new aspects and innovations where required. The programme format was re-imagined and an identity for the event series was developed. A professional, sleek environment was created and the meeting was relocated from its traditional venue. MCI designed a tailored programme based around audience hot topics, experiential learning and 1-1 knowledge transfer. A strategic marketing plan was activated to generate attendance and MCI’s specialist services incorporated the event identity into all collaterals (marketing, website, print, signage and exhibition).



  • 350 delegates
  • 99% of delegates rated event excellent/very good
  • 84% would recommend the event
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