Live ‘First of a Kind’ Health Simulation

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National Planning Simulation Exercise – World Hepatitis Alliance (WHA) and World Health Organisation (WHO)


The World Hepatitis Summit, a joint WHA and WHO event, would directly address the overwhelming global burden of viral hepatitis. Devised to help attendees assess a level of threat and potential burden on a country, key facts and figures would guide attendees to propose an outline national response.




MCI proposed an immersive live simulation exercise and gamification approach to capture the imagination of the participants. A storyboard was created to detail the simulation structure and began with a breaking news story revealing how a leading national football player had been taken ill with suspected viral hepatitis. The breaking news film supported by personal video addresses by the Minister of Health provided the storytelling structure; two fictitious countries’ demographic and economic profiles, coupled with hepatitis assessment and burden reports, provided the game play detail. Live interactive tablets ensured MCI could involve, receive and process in real time, game play data from 50 participating teams and reflect upon interactive content during the post-simulation learning session. This ‘first of a kind’ simulation had never before been achieved at a such scale with over 8,650 interactions using digital tablets in just 3 hours. The event attracted widespread television, online and print media attention helping to raise global awareness and give hepatitis the priority it deserves.



  • 500+ attendees
  • 70 countries
  • 50 participating teams
  • 8650 digital app interactions
  • 100% of delegates engaged
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