Oracle Immersion

Oracle - Immersion 2018 | MCI Ireland | EN

Delivering a European Sales Kick off for a multinational ICT company from 3 locations simultaneously.


Our ICT client annually holds a 4 day Sales Factory for their sales community.  With teams in Ireland, Spain and Holland the client wanted to hold one event but didn’t want to bring the group together in one location.  This was to save costs on flights and accommodation for 375 guests.


For the event to take place from 3 cities and to stream 2 way from each location.  We had 130 member of the sales community in Dublin, 110 Malaga and 115 in Amsterdam.  We used 3 different hotels which were located close to the clients offices in the various destinations.

In each hotel we had the exact same stage set up and backdrop, and during the event we were live from the 3 different locations depending on the agenda that day, we also had a presentation from a colleague in Romania streamed from his office.    To deliver this event we had a team of technicians in Dublin, which was the lead team, with satellite teams in Malaga and Amsterdam ensuring the smooth transition from location to location.  


The European sales community felt connected with their counterparts in other locations.  There were shared learnings from the teams, and a good healthy rivalry from the destinations.   It reduced the amount of the time the team were out of the office and for the speakers it meant they weren’t on a 3 week roadshow, and were able to deliver a successful Sales Factory in 4 days.