Cloudsec - 2018 Avatar | MCI Ireland | EN

Creation of Avatar for ICT Meeting to highlight the rise of Artificial Intelligence


Our ICT client annually holds a free event for the cyber security community. For this event they wanted to touch on the rise of Artificial Intelligence and its challenge to human intelligence.


For this event, we created a live Avatar to highlight the influence of artificial intelligence and how it will be affecting cyber security now and in the future. MCI was involved in the production and execution of this technology from the very beginning and we knew that we had to create something unique and special for this event.

 Artificial Intelligence has been described as the perfect marriage between creativity and technology. We wanted to create an interactive piece of technology that not only engaged the audience but educated them also.

We came up with the idea of creating an interactive 3D Avatar that spoke and interacted with the audience on the dangers of not having appropriate cloud security.

The Avatar took over 170 hours to produce broken down into the following:

  • 48 Hours 3D Character Design & Lighting
  • 48 Hours Interactive Character rigging and testing
  • 24 hours Voice changing Design and Programming
  • 50 hours Background and intro animation

The whole idea behind the technology was to bring Artificial Intelligence to life in front of a live audience. The avatar was named 'Alex' who was gender neutral and created using facial mapping technology. One of the Clients Directors, who played Alex in real time, was hidden backstage with access to video monitor to ensure that all interactions with the audience were authentic and unique.  

The Avatar was the MC for the event and was fully interactive with the audience members using ques and facial mirroring to create an effect of it being “alive.”

Alex was used to highlight the importance of cyber security. As part of “the act” the audience members were made to believe that their phones had been hacked after agreeing to click on an entry button when first arriving. This idea was called the “phishing scam” and the Avatar was used to highlight how easy it is for Cyber criminals to hack a person’s emails.

Using a live and interactive entity was much more influential on the audience members.


The event attracted nearly 1000 attendees and had an overall reach of over 668,319 people across social media accounts – there was a lot of positive PR for the company and for the event itself.

The use of new and innovative ideas such as the Avatar highlighted to attendees that our client is ahead of the curve when it comes to new and involving technology. This will benefit them in the long run when it comes to finding new business and keeping existing customers.