"Uncommon Senses" Client Customer Engagement

"Uncommon Senses" Client Customer Engagement | MCI Ireland | EN

  • VIP Customer Engagement for 100 Guests in UK & Ireland
  • Event Identity Creation & Design
  • Bespoke Registration Website
  • Personalised Gift Pack to heighten the senses
  • Virtual Online Production with Content Curation, Studio Management & output
  • Live interactive engagement with Rua & Lick me I’m Delicious


Our tech client needed to replace their usual face to face customer event with a bespoke virtual experience that would keep attendees engaged and involved whilst also delivering some key business messaging and product updates. Most importantly, they wanted customers to feel valued.


The key here was to offer an experience that heightened all of the senses and not just sound and sight. Each attendee’s experience was personalised with the delivery of a hand-picked gift basket with delectable treats and high-end keepsakes that evoked the senses. From tantalising food to aromatic candles and infused tea selections from Fortnum & Mason. The gift pack included items that were needed for the virtual experience.

Guests were engaged by the magic and mayhem of Rua, one of Ireland’s leading mentalists and magicians before guests got hands on with a tasting experience like no other where they were treated to a flavour exploration by Lick me I’m delicious. This activity ensured that the overall experience was a two way exchange and met the need for a light-hearted feel.


The strong event identity and digital communications plan ensured a full event attendance. The personalisation of gifts delivered a unique thrill for each attendee and the linking of entertainment to the physical gifts ensured that people were actively involved.