How Hybrid Events Benefit Your Event Marketing and Data

How Hybrid Events Benefit Your Event Marketing and Data

January, 28 2020

Hybrid events can play an interesting role within an organisation's event marketing strategy. Why? Just think how they can expand an event's reach and the extensive consumer data they can gather.

Conflicting schedules, travel limitations, budgets. There are lots of reasons why a person would love to get in touch with your brand at an event but can’t. 

As an event marketer, however, you wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to expand the reach of the event and establish contact with those people who had to stay at home. Here is where hybrid events enter the scene: hybrid events are live events that also offer virtual elements to attendees, providing audiences everywhere the opportunity to participate, engage and learn no matter where they’re located.

Keynotes, webinars, testing, individual assignments or more, everything can be recreated in a virtual environment, extending the event beyond time and geographic restrictions.
Aside from this possibility, event strategists often wonder: won’t offering online access to my event make people opt to stay home instead of attending in person? The truth is, studies show that creating a hybrid event likely won’t disrupt attendance rates. On the contrary, it opens up many opportunities for event growth

Let's see how hybrid events can be a strategic asset for event marketing and data capturing strategies.

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