2019 Direct Selling Association Conference - Sydney, Australia


Increase in engagement



Increase in app uptake


Increase in exhibitors page views


Additional sales opportunities



The Direct Selling Association of Australia wanted to innovate their annual national conference and encourage interaction and engagement between delegates, increase ROI for exhibitors and suppliers members and build a more sustainable conference. To do so, they gave the conference the theme of 'Get in Touch', referring to their objective of creating opportunity for dialogue and knowledge exchange.


MCI Australia designed and implemented an event app where live updates to schedules and instant messaging between delegates were made available. What’s more, they included a gamification feature with prizes from exhibitors, supporting the theme of the conference and encouraging uptake in the use of the event app. Thanks to this, organisers were able to gain more data, from speakers, sessions, general feedback on the destination or hotel, and ultimately how to improve the event next year.

dsa conference

conference app

conference app

Within the app, a QR code allowed delegates to scan one another to exchange details and stay in touch. Each supplier had his own QR code on their stands, which delegates could scan in order to earn more points to win prizes or be added to a mailing list. Scanning the QR code instantly exchanged supplier and delegate contact details into a ‘lead generator’, which exhibitors could download post conference resulting in further sales opportunities. In addition, the cost of printed materials and collateral have decreased year on year with more delegates choosing the more convenient method of the event app for programme and venue information.

conference app 

“Everyone was absolutely loving the app this year! I’ve already received so much positive feedback. The ‘App Challenge’ was a fantastic initiative to encourage people to connect throughout the conference. I also heard a lot of positive feedback from the exhibitors as it brought delegates to their stands.”

– Chelsea Thompson, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, DSA

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