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At MCI, we believe that when people come together, magic happens.

MCI USA serves as the United States platform for MCI, the largest global provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions. Through the original merger of MCI and Coulter Companies in 2015,  and the subsequent acquisitions of Wyndham Jade and Network Media Partners in 2017, this union results in a workforce of more than 2,500 professionals in 60 cities and 31 countries, accelerating MCI’s ability to work global and deliver local to senior influencers and decision-makers in associations, corporations, and governments.

With a Washington, DC–based U.S. headquarters, and offices in Baltimore, New York, Dallas, and Miami, MCI USA is proudly recognized by the American Business Ethics Awards as one of the top companies in the United States for vision, leadership, and integrity.


We serve our clients from 31 countries with 61 offices around the world.

Our global team would love to partner with you to solve a challenge you are facing — wherever that may be.

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As an organization who is fully committed to growing our business responsibly, we embrace sustainability and dedicate time to promoting the various ways it can create value for our clients and employees. 

By integrating sustainable solutions, we help our clients reduce costs, build their brand reputation and improve their environmental footprint; all to leave a powerful social legacy in the community and for future generations. 

Discover more about our commitment to sustainability, and how it boosts the economic, social and environmental performances of an organization.

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