Amy Lotz | MCI United States | EN

Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff, Association Solutions

Amy B. Lotz serves as Executive Vice President of Association Solutions, including serving as chief of staff for all talents allocated to full-service association management. Amy also serves as chief of staff for two of MCI USA’s clients, the International Copper Association and the Copper Development Association.

For nearly a decade, Amy has directed MCI USA’s longest-tenured consulting client, the Gies Foundation of the American Dental Education Association, for which she helped launch the Gies Awards to recognize exceptional contributions to oral health education. Her other roles with MCI USA clients have included serving as Executive Director of the Healthcare Convention & Exhibitors Association, the Professional Development Consortium, and the Association Foundation Group, and as Executive Vice President of the Alliance for Women in Media and its sister Foundation, where she was integrally involved with the growth and development of several pinnacle programs and activities, including the Gracie Awards, student initiatives and scholarships, and public-service campaigns.

Before joining MCI USA, Amy served as Senior Manager of Membership and Board Relations for the Association for Philanthropy. She has a bachelor’s degree in art history from the University of Virginia.