Mickael Guillin | MCI United States | EN

Hotel Procurement Manager

How did you end up at MCI?

Following the end of my studies (BTS International Commerce) I was looking into a first job opportunity.

I had the chance to get a 1-year internship at MCI Geneva with a pharmaceutical account. During my internship, one member of this account’s sourcing team left and I’ve been asked to replace her. I fell in love with what I’ve been doing from the very beginning of this new role, it was like I discovered what I wanted to do (even if you never know  what you really want to do having just finished  your studies). Since I liked what I have been  doing already and  was good at my work  I decided to take  the opportunity and  apply for this role as an Assistant. I did get the job and throughout the years, I have been involved in the development of this cell to include several accounts; it took time to assign the roles/tasks and to answer to all the accounts’ expectations, but we made it, starting with2 people for 1 account and resulting to the creation of the Procurement Hub, counting 6 MCI talents responsible for 2 markets (PCO + M&E).

Which word best describes MCI for you and why?

Passionate, committed, careful – People at MCI love what they do, MCI is careful about sustainability, environmental and other pressing global issues  and tries to make our world a little  better (on our little scale).

What makes you proud about working at MCI?

Getting up and smiling on the way to work is something I’m really proud of.

Most exciting/defining moment since you join MCI?

My first (and last) annual end-of-the-year event that MCI organised in Montreux where I got the chance to experience one of the greatest meetings ever.

One of my top memories from this event was the 1st lunch we had: I sat at a table, and Roger Tondeur (MCI founder and President) came and sat next to me, then Ursula Wigert (MCI co-founder) came and engaged in a discussion as if we have known each other for a really long-time…this was crazy, I now realize better how instructive, and helpful it was.

The MCI founders came, sat and talked to me like they would have done with any other person, such an amazing proof of humility and great management. 

What excites you most about your future with MCI?

Endless possibilities, everything can happen as long as you work for it. It is evident that your work is always recognised at MCI.

What songs are included on the soundtrack to your life?

One Republic – Counting Stars / Queen – Under Pressure / JJ Goldman – au bout de mes rêves / Michael Jackson – They don’t care about us / Johnny Hallyday - L’envie / 50 Cent – If I can’t