5 things you need to know before a brand refresh

5 things you need to know before a brand refresh | MCI United States | EN

June, 16 2021

Considering kicking your brand up a notch with a refresh? There are a few things you should consider when it comes to making your refresh a success. 

Before getting started, itcrucial to understand that a brand refresh doesn’t simply mean changing your logo. A brand refresh can involve a change in brand identity, including an organization’s values, mission, offerings, culture, and more. It also can involve shifting your target market, name, visual assets, tagline, online presence, and more. 

MCI has helped many of our clients with their rebranding (and even recently concluded a brand refresh ourselves!) and believe these five components will set you up for success

1. A successful brand refresh is built on research.Are you aligned with your mission, vision, and core values? Can you identify the personality and tone of your organization? Knowing what defines an organization and its key differentiators is crucial to a refresh that is going to resonate with your stakeholder

2. Involve key stakeholders at the beginning
not the end
Having key stakeholders on board from the start of a brand refresh is imperative. This group needs to have both the willingness and authority to take a deep dive into your organization’s brand, unique value proposition, and position in the marketplaceEngaging them upfront allows you to get the data you need (see #1 above) and can lead to easier adoption on the back end. 

3. Changing out the logo on your website is only the beginning.
The process can be expensive and require IT supportBe sure to have a clear idea of all the assets that will change in your brand refresh. Its also important to have the financial, staff, and tech support that is needed to successfully transition into the new branding.

Completing a brand refresh takes timeBetween auditing an existing brand, identifying your values and personality, creative production, and final rollout  a brand refresh can easily take several months or longer, depending on the size of your organization. Create a timeline and develop realistic expectations around workflows, including accounting for delays and setbacks

The work doesn’t end with launch
. Implementationand adoption — is a continuous processBringing a refreshed brand to life is more than just posting a new logo online. To make yourbrand elements come to life, its important to repeatedly spread awareness and educate both internal and external audiences on the new brandMake it fun! From polling on social media to gamification on staff calls, the possibilities are infinite. 

Rebranding is a challenging but rewarding experience if done correctly. Having a refreshed brand can expose your organization to new audiences, give members the opportunity to contribute to your vision, appeal to new markets, and much moreInterested in learning more? Contact us today!

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