Capturing your mission, your message, and your voice

Capturing your mission, your message, and your voice | MCI United States | EN

June, 16 2021

By: Andy Schwarz

From issuing special reports, to delivering speeches, to writing monthly columns, staff and volunteer leaders of associations are called to communicate frequently. It can seem like a lot. The good news is that MCI USA provides professional support to help your organization craft the messages that make an impact. Our team of content, public relations, and marketing professionals can develop materials that capture your mission, message, and voice.

You Talk, We Listen

As the staff that works with your associationon an ongoing basis, we are familiar with your content. When one of our full-service Association Solutions clients began work on a top-trends report, for example, staff compiled seven trends they’d observed during the year that a volunteer workgroup then refined and narrowed down to five. Likewise, when a chair needs supports with a conference keynote, the first step is to simply talk things outwith the staff writer.

We Write, You Review

The writer takes the feedback, suggestions, resources, and interviews and writes a draft of the report, speech, or column, then submits it for reviewBecause the writer and association leaders have already worked closely, this draft is in the association’s — and/or the individual leader’s — voice. Oftentimes it’s much easier for volunteer to edit a draft than start with a blank computer screen they have to fill.

We Edit, You Approve

Whether feedback is delivered via trackchanges, a call with the person delivering the speech, or a committee reviewing a report, the writer takes into account the association’s feedback for the revision. This step may be repeated several times in order for everyone involved to consider the piece complete.

We Enhance, You Enjoy

Once the draft has been finalized, we work with the MCI Creative team to make sure the visual presentation enhances the written word. Graphics, charts, and photography can be incorporated into reports and columns. PowerPoint presentations and production elements can be developed to support speeches. This is often the key to grabbing and keeping your audience’s attention.

When your association is ready to issue that special report, or needs to establish itself as a thoughtleader — were ready to collaborate and make you look good and sound better.


Samples of our work:

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Andy Schwarz, CAE

Andy Schwarz, CAE, is Associate Vice President of Public Relations for MCI USA.



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