MEET OUR TALENTS: SVP of Finance Rhea Beal

MEET OUR TALENTS SVP of Finance Rhea Beal | MCI United States | EN

March, 02 2021

What is the main focus of your position with MCI?

For my first month at MCI USA, I realize each day how fortunate I am to be surrounded by such a great group of people all working towards the thriving of MCI USA. My focus as the leader of the U.S. finance team is to provide the data, reporting, and insights each leader needs to achieve their goals.

What do you like about working in financial operations?

I enjoy working in finance because you get to see how all the pieces of a company come together and how different business decisions impact financial results.

Your career path includes positions with USA TodayPolitico, and Clark Construction. How does that high-level corporate experience translate to a company like MCI?

My prior professional experiences have provided me with an opportunity to see how organizations and finance teams successfully navigate through internal and external periods of change. I’ve been fortunate to learn from some exceptional leaders. I am hopeful I can take the lessons and knowledge I’ve learned along the way to support MCI USA through the current climate and enter the next growth phase.

Do you have a favorite quote?

“It’s the not the destination, its the journey.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson. This quote signifies how skills and lessons you’ve learned along the way toward working to achieve your goals are more important than the final result.

What is the last book you read?

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (author of Gone Girl). I typically read mystery/thrillers (recommendations welcomed!).

What’s your favorite way to spend time outside of work?

I have a 9-month-old son who has recently became mobile (standing, crawling, etc.), so he keeps me busy most days. During COVID, I enjoy finding solutions and doing minor house projects. Outside of COVID, my family enjoys traveling to new places mostly centered around warm sunny beaches.


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