One Registration System for Events of ALL Sizes & Budgets

MCI USA Webinar One Reg System | MCI United States | EN

It is possible for event planners to align their event budgets and needs, for all events, with one robust, quick-to-market registration system.

Event registration can simply be a complex beast. With multiple integration points, tiered pricing structures, multi-language functionality and GDPR, events small and large can become torn on how to direct their resources – having both similar and vastly different needs when it comes to their event registration. This is why many times organizations are forced to settle for different registration platforms for their events, in order to align with both their complex needs and budgets. 

Recently, however, there’s been a shift in the market that allows organizations to employ a singular, customized registration system for ALL of their events. Choosing the right system increases organizational efficiency and provides meaningful data and insights for decision-makers. 

Join MCI USA’s President, Strategic Events Meetings & Incentives, Shawn Pierce as he explains this shift and how it allows large trade show/conference registration sites to launch in ¼ of the time. The same shift also allows corporations and small association events to experience the same powerful registration capabilities as large events with the added benefit of setting up and/or managing their own events. He’ll demo a product that has all of these capabilities and more, as well as share best practices in choosing the right event registration platform. In the end, all events – large and small – will be on a single platform that provides consistent reports, rapid setup, less training, professional support, trend analysis and aggregated data. 

Can you have robust registration with speed & agility? We say so. Register for this informational webinar and get ready to take your events to the next level.

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