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Grow attendance during this time when attendee registration = less effort than a plane ticket, but more engagement than a “Register Now” submission.

It’s no secret: 2020 has changed how we market for events. Not only are our calls to action focused on virtual experiences, but the way we reach and engage with potential attendees has required more strategy, intention, and creativity than ever before.

So what are the most effective channels and tactics to attract attendees to events? Are there differences between promoting a virtual event vs. an in-person event – and if so, what are they?

In this interactive session, MCI MarCom experts Kate O’Donnell, Joonas Jarvinen, and Elluria Breytenbach will discuss how associations can build digital marketing strategies that drive revenue, increase engagement, and bolster sustainable growth. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge to:
• Implement a successful engagement model
• Differentiate your brand in the digital world
• Learn from others’ mistakes – what works and what to avoid